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Amanda Fanning is a certified Raw Vegan Chef/Plant Nutritionist and owner of ​369 NATURALS.
(She is currently getting a second certification as a master nutritional coach through Precision Nutrition and Epigenetics certification


Her chosen career field propagates health & Wellness by offering services geared to helping others through health driven consumerism, from healing the body to the overall reduction of our carbon footprint.

Amanda has taught classes at UW Madison’s Gaylord Nelson Institute, Willy Street Co-op and Crossroads Café in Black Earth, WI.

In 2019, she hosted 3 health events: Take my Heart, Emergence Feast & RKK Beauty Spa Luncheon in the Baraboo, WI area and vegan catering. Her focus is the realm of healing through living foods. She believes that the quantum nature of our biological systems is completely attuned to the living-healing energies of plant-based foods.

Phyto-micronutrients are catalysts that our bodies need to break down and utilize macro nutrients for information, gearing toward our genetic expression (Epigenetics) how our genes are influenced by what energy (Joule) we input. Partnered with Singing Trees Farm Collective, a poly-cultural, organic farm & land school teaching others the need for organic farms, socio-economic justice and indigenous, women led methodological farming methods.

She is an active member of PETA, ASPCA and other various activist groups who focus on the rights to life – rights to nature. She believes all living things are not just resources for human consumption rather, all parts of a whole, viable living organism. This symbiosis supports the vast physical and non-physical universe.

“Proving the ground with grace and compassion” has given her meaning and focus in a world stripped of its resources and destroyed by large greed ridden, unethical corporations.

Amanda has counseled and helped many people heal through dietary lifestyle changes. Currently, her focus is ​​369 NATURALS, a place of introduction experiencing extremely palatable plant gourmet food that’s 5 Star delicious and offers free strategies to gain superior health while eliminating the overall usage of imperialist, synthetic means.




Statistics state that 5% of the national population has already converted from a Standard American Diet to a healthier plant based diet.

369 Naturals will become a daily necessity for local enthusiast from all walks of life who wish to experience and learn a healthier lifestyle, organic vegan wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and corn-free, a place to dream of as you try to escape the daily stresses of life and just a comfortable place to meet your friends or to read a book, learn a Raw lifestyle all in one.

With the growing demand for high-quality raw vegan prepared food and great service, 369 Naturals Culture will capitalize on its proximity to the University of Wisconsin campus,  local businesses and high traffic area to build a core group of repeat customers. 369 Naturals will offer its customers the best prepared raw food with an ethnic influence in the area that will be complemented with a juice bar, herbal teas and coffee, as well as a patio and lounge with a library of books that its patrons can read to enjoy their visit and for those always on the move we will have a drive up window,  to include classes to better educate those who wish to start or expand their knowledge of a raw lifestyle  for those fighting the disease obesity have a chance to combat that disease by learning and living a raw/vegan lifestyle.  Healing our Biological Systems through Conscious Consumption.

South Central Wisconsin, Madison boasts the highest number of restaurants per capita in the nation. While many of these claim to offer vegetarian options, many of them are simply being dishonest.  Currently there are three cafes/coffee houses that offer vegetarian type cuisine and they don’t offer a full menu. With a population of about 230,000 residents which 60 percent of adults are overweight with 25 percent of them classified as obese.  Residents have no true healthy eating establishments  to go and select from a complete healthy  full menu entirely raw and vegan which will contain non dairy, non GMO organic consumables.  The 369 Naturals will be in the food and educational business fighting obesity amongst other disease, teaching about the way our consumption habits determine our health and the health of our fragile environment. The 369 Naturals will be one of a kind, its cuisine will entice all who visit whether they consume traditional meals,in addition to those who already  live raw, vegan or a vegetarian lifestyle. We will  expand the whole food movement through our deli/restaurant by providing excellent raw nutritionally dense /vegan food options while providing a great environment through excellent customer service. In the future we will provide sound education about natural medicines, the natural step protocol and how what we consume no matter how minute has a large impact on our biological and environment eco systems. Our goal  to reverse the nation’s current obesity rates in addition to healing current disease through the consumption of a nutritionally dense diet. To proliferate local business such as small farming, local grocers, farmers markets as these will be our channel members.

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