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Plant-Forward aka Plant-based eating provides our entire biome with optimum nutrients. All the essential macronutrients such as fats, carbohydrates and proteins and micronutrients like Vitamin C, D, E, K, D alongside digestive enzymes from living food are derived from plants. ALL are essential! Enzymes are the chemical catalysts that break down nutrients for absorption while proliferating hormonal production amongst many other vital processes.


A plant-based protein molecule when uncooked is recognizable by our digestive system and being so, is assimilated (broken down) easily and the nutrients are carried directly into the bloodstream, then carried to the various cells of the body for absorption through the cellular membrane. These nutrients allow the cells to heal, repair, and produce new cells while assisting the entire ATP energy cycle aka Krebs. When the digestive system does not recognize cooked, animal based proteins it must attempt to break down coagulated, bonded amino acid chains aka molecules causing digestive leukocytosis and acidosis. Much of that undigested matter ends up being broken down in the large intestine causing gas, bloating, fatigue and a slew of other symptoms. In essence, eating the wrong type of proteins is the same as consuming a Pathogen.

PATHOGEN: A microorganism, bacterium or harmful substance taken internally that causes damage to our internal biology leading to reduced viability and toxicity.

In the end, Plant-based eating will provide superior thermogenesis, ATP energy transfer, Thermodynamic throughput and ultimately better health!

For Further Study:

“Heal your Face” by M. Rothkranz

A great visual book showing the connectivity of plant-based nutrition and its effects on our exo-body

Green Field

RENEW THE MIND - Food for Thought!

An awareness needs to be brought to our “Master Operation Apparatus”, the BRAIN. Oftentimes, we are so focused on healing the body that we forget that the brain is the main factor! Poor eating habits and other forms of toxicity enter in the bloodstream and then through Endothelial Cells (BBB) This toxicity, if it passes through, will have a major negative role on synopsis (firing), cognition and weakening our precious neural-network system as a whole. Toxic substances can cross through the BBB or Blood Brain Barrier and wreak havoc causing brain fog, inflammation of tissues, poor memory, lack of concentration just to name a few. These “BMVEC” cells not only shield our brain from toxic matter but also supplies nutrients to the tissues and filters harmful compounds from the brain center right back into the bloodstream. It becomes imperative to stay away from ANY commercially produced foodstuffs in order to eliminate the toxic chemicals i.e. pesticides, herbicides and other harmful agents. Large CAFO Animal based foodstuffs also influence endocrine disruptors causing issues with calcification of the pineal gland, and the utter disruption of thyroidal production. So eating healthy, chemical-free, mineral dense produce is a key to reverse many symptoms while allowing the body to regenesis and rejuvenate on its own. Our inner sphere has the capability to heal without an external variant! Just put good fuel in your car!

SO....EAT out for preservatives, additives and eat WHOLE FOODS! Stay away from anything that can sit on the shelves for more than a few days!

For Further Study:

“Enzyme Nutrition” by Dr. Edward Howell

Why eating food in its natural, uncooked state is vital to the maintenance of good health and longevity

Trees From Above


“The industrial production of farm animals is a grim saga of pollution, health risks, and animal misery”

-B. Neuman


Big Ag is the world's largest producer of carbons, bacteria, untreated sewage, dissension, social injustices, eutrophication of fresh and saltwater systems, sickness, unhealthy air not to mention the genocide of millions of sentient beings, the animals! The human species, at one time, needed to hunt for survival. We used the skins for clothing and shelter, the fats and meats to avoid starvation and every other part was used for something. The gratitude and respect was given to that beings soul as it transcended back to source. Now... that way of life has changed to a terrible astronomical destructive scale! The culprits, first it is us...we give power to these monsters via consuming their products...the national scandal of meat lobbyists, CAFO GREED, over consumerism, lack of connection to the earth, poverty, stress and social economic injustice thrown onus by Big Ag & Big Pharma. Our health systems fail to address the root cause of so many illnesses and are overwhelmed by a world gone wrong. Changing to a plant-based lifestyle reduces the overall carbon footprint by a huge number for each person so imagine if all of us made a change!...


WE, the people, have to be the change! I can guarantee they will not and the injustice will become worse over time. :(

You don't have to be a strict vegan to have an impact! Every choice made has bearing...every little thing...even if you change one meat meal a week to a strictly local, organic plant-based option, it has a global impact!


The earth needs your compassion...the animals need your compassion...make a difference!

For Further Study:

“Animal Factory” by David Kirby. An in depth look at small communities dealing with neighboring Big Ag Farms and the impact of large scale CAFO’s.

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